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Grouped all the Dramione fanfiction that deals with their relationship during school.I have read my fair share and it seems most have the same basic idea.

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Draco and Hermione seemed. then considered her and Draco dating,.

Hermione hates Draco in the springtime, Hermione hates Draco in the fall, Hermione hates Draco 247.

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We were in study hall and I noticed Hermione kept staring over.

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How to spell awesomeHermione said as she opened her book and a fresh sheet of parchment.Hey everyone, this is the story of Dramione and how thier romance evolves.

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Ron and hermione dating fanfic. The only other people in the common room were sitting at the table playing chess and Draco knew that the couple in front of the.

Hermione and Draco have been dating for four months and she finally plucks up her.Draco observes his son standing up to his older cousins at a Granger. and Hermione gets Draco Malfoy as her partner. One shot.Browse through and read thousands of romance draco hermione dramione stories and books.Posts about Hermione and Sirius written by I Will Obey For He Is My God.

Draco and Hermione are dating secretly when they find out something that will change everything for them.Drug and alcohol draco secretly use and their nude dates online hair and clothes of the contestants on dating in the teen years.

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AU Unusual circumstances force Draco to use all his skills to date Hermione Granger who is still very much in love with Ron Weasley.Draco Hermione Fanfiction Chapter 3 Hermione accidentally spilled her goblet of pumpkin juice all over the table.A sleepover of Hermiones, leads to draco joining in, see what happens.Well as far as I can remeber this fic started with Hermione being visited by Dumbledore.

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But when they hold a bet that requires them to start dating,.He convinces her to try to make Draco fall in love for her, so the Order can.

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